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Dermalogica Skin Fitness Plan - powered by Face Mapping® Skin Analysis

Your skin is unique, let's treat it that way! Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your complimentary skin fitness plan. After an in depth skin analysis, our skin experts will help you understand your skin condition and discuss your key concerns. Learn how to match your lifestyle with your skincare for healthy, glowing skin.

Cost: complimentary | Time: 5 minutes

Dermalogica FaceFit Treatment

Fix skin concerns fast with our 10-minute seated treatment. Let your skin therapist show you professional tips to get you healthy skin that glows. Ideal if you are new to skin treatments, need a skin boost or before a special event.

Cost: $15 | Time: 10 minutes

Dermalogica ProSkin 30 Treatment

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time using high tech machinery and power boosted product options. This treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes, want visible results for great value.

Cost: $60 | Time: 30 minutes

Dermalogica ProSkin 60 Treatment

The ultimate treatment, different every time. A personalised, 60-minute Dermalogica treatment that takes you on a sensory journey, whilst receiving high impact treatments using today's high tech machinery combined with our latest product innovations, to achieve your healthiest skin. This personalised, impactful treatment is delivered in a soothing environment made for relaxation. This bespoke treatment is the ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience that addresses an array of your skin concerns. Glowing skin with dermalogica.

Cost: $120 | Time: 60 minutes

Pro Power Peel 30

The express 30-minute treatment features our highly active Pro Power Peel, tailored to your skin's needs. This powerful peel smooths skin while targeting individual skin concerns such as - signs of acne, hyperpigmentation, and premature ageing for a completely customised experience.

Cost: Between $90 - $120 (dependent on overhead costs) Time: 30 minutes

Pro Power Peel 60

Ultra-potent and completely customised. You've never had a peel like this before. This comprehensive 60-minute treatment pairs with our most powerful peel yet with advanced techniques to thoroughly address skins ever-changing needs.

Cost: Between $170 - $230 (dependent on overhead costs) Time: 60 minutes

Injectable Services

Anti-wrinkle injections

A wrinkle, is a fold or crease in an otherwise smooth surface, such as our skin and are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions.

Anti-wrinkle injections help smooth moderate to severe lines without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face by reducing specific muscle activity.

The majority of users see an improvement in just 2-3 days after treatment. In just one 10- to 20-minute treatment, anti-wrinkle injections may help improve the look and appearance of lines for up to 5 months.

Another plus? There is minimal downtime after your treatment, which means you can get back to your day faster. You’ve got better things to do than think about what your frown lines look like.

Don’t let your frown lines between your eyebrows define you!

Natural-looking. Fast-acting. Long-lasting.

Princess Dermal Fillers

Treatments with Princess Fillers are non-surgical procedures with minimal regeneration time. They lead to immediate, natural looking results. The treatment is quick and uncomplicated. The injection itself only takes between 15 and 30 minutes on average. You can usually continue your normal everyday life immediately after the treatment.

Most patients find filler injections completely painless. A local anaesthetic can be used in advance making the injection even more comfortable for you. In addition, Princess Fillers are injected with a very thin needle that has been specially developed for optimal patient comfort.

The result Filler treatments is long-lasting, but not permanent and the success of the treatment can last from several months to a year.

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