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General & Family Dentistry

At One Dental Group, we have a strong focus on preventive dentistry, with the goal of helping you save money and time by attending to dental issues before they become more serious or even before they happen in the first instance.

We encourage our patients to be proactive and also to think of the future so during your initial examination we’ll discuss not only your present situation but we’ll also give you an insight of what to expect for the future and what we can do to minimize possible complications.

It’s very important to avoid the first breakdown of decay with children and teenagers so we strongly recommend that you bring your children to see us as early as possible so we can not only make sure everything is fine but also protect their teeth as soon as they appear in the mouth.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Fillings are used to fill breaks or cavities in teeth. All of our fillings are made from a resin-based material called composite. We’ll match the fillings to the colour of your existing teeth to give you a beautiful smile that looks completely natural. We offer a range of colour-matched fillings that will effectively hide the fact you’ve ever had a procedure.

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Dental Hygiene

We know that prevention is better than cure. Regular check-ups have two functions. Firstly we can identify and treat early signs of tooth decay or other dental disease, before they escalate. Secondly your Dentist can remove tartar build up and stains to keep your gums healthy and your smile fresh and bright.

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Same Day Emergency Treatment

When the unexpected happens we’re here to help. We offer a same day emergency priority service no matter what you require.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr David has many years of experience extracting wisdom teeth, and always ensures patient comfort during this procedure. To evaluate the position of these teeth, David will perform a digital OPG x-ray which will show whether it is possible to perform this procedure in the chair or whether you will need a referral to an Oral Surgeon to be carried out in hospital under general anaesthetic.

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Tempomandibular Joint Disorders

At One Dental Group, we will examine your Tempomandibular jaw (TMJ) on every routine check-up. TMJ disorders occur as a result of problems with the jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw. Possible causes include grinding or clenching the teeth, presence of arthritis in the jaw and stress. Treatment involves the use of a night guard or “splint” and muscle relaxant injections (Botulinum toxin A) or a combination of both.

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Root Canal Therapy

Every tooth has an individual little nerve located in the centre of the tooth and its called pulp.

The pulp can get damaged when decay grows too big or when you have an accident on the tooth, which leads to disease or death of the pulp, ultimately leading to an infection or abscess. Root Canal Therapy is then necessary to treat the pulp so you can still keep you tooth.

Contrary to the general public opinion, a successful root canal therapy followed by protection of the tooth with a crown is still a very effective way to save your tooth for 10 years or more.

This treatment is usually done over a few visits and it’s comfortably done under Local Anaesthetics. A crown is then recommended for increased protection of the tooth since most of the times there’s extensive loss of tooth structure.

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